Over the years I have worked with a TV production company in Glasgow for whom I have recorded the narration for several documentaries about Faith and Science. Last Wednesday they sent me a script for a short 2-minute film refection on coronavirus, they had felt led to produce. I recorded it at my desk and sent it on-line to Glasgow. The result is now on YouTube, available on the link below. You may not recognise my voice as I was rather croaky last Wednesday!

They are anxious for this to be a comfort – or a challenge – to as many people as possible. They sent it to a friend in the USA, who tweeted it and had 1000 views in a few hours. Do feel free to forward the link (below) to anyone you feel might appreciate it.

St Barts have put it on their website, and I am offering it to another couple of churches. If you thought Chevening might like to use it, do pass it on to your webmaster.



Click here to watch the video