About Us

The Church is called to offer worship and praise to God, to celebrate God’s love, and to lead more people to follow Jesus. We profess our faith in God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit giver of life.

The Drive Methodist Church is in the ancient town of Sevenoaks on the edge of the Weald of Kent, very closely related to Knole House, with its surrounding 1000-acre deer park. In 1902 seven oaks were planted on the north side of The Vine cricket ground to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII. After the great storm of 1987, Sevenoaks became world famous overnight, when six of these seven oaks were blown over.

Our new Minister Rev. Dermot Thornberry (Rev. Dermot) who arrived in September 2019. Discovering this historical background, he conceived a project which aims to connect The Drive Church to the local community in a new way, by promoting 7 values with a central sub-theme of “trees”. The bible makes extensive use of tree imagery, the oak being a symbol of strength. Describing the cross as a tree, connects with the death and resurrection of Christ.

The bible is foundational, and as an aid to understanding, narrative (storytelling) theologians have divided it into 7 Acts. Inspired by the famous trees that make up the name of our town, Rev. Dermot is planning a series of themed services around the 7 values, and the 7 Acts of the bible.

This New Website was launched for Easter 2020. Rev. Dermot’s 7 Values are described in the context of The Drive Church, in 7 drop-down subpages below this ABOUT US page. Although there is overlap, we see the values: Worship; The Bible; Pastoral Support; Sharing our Faith; Care and Hospitality; and Mindfulness, as largely applying to our life as a community within The Drive Church.

These values form a firm basis for outreach into the local, national, and international dimensions of Our World, within which we in The Drive Church exist. The “ABOUT US” and “7 Values” pages can be read in sequence by clicking the button at the bottom of each page. Further developments in the 7 Values project will be reported in our monthly church magazine Drive News, and here on the website.