Our World

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.      Genesis 2:15 


The first 6 Values – Worship; The Bible; Pastoral Support; Sharing our Faith; Care and Hospitality; and Mindfulness – largely apply to our life as a community, based in a building The Drive Church. Rev. Dermot believes that “Church” is less a noun representing the physical building, and more a verb “to church”, that is to spread into Our World the values of the Church.

The purpose of “7 Values for Sevenoaks” is for The Drive Church to connect to the world outside in a new and different way.

As Methodists, we have an ongoing tradition of social concern. In association with Churches Together in Sevenoaks and District (CTSD) The Drive is involved in numerous local projects. For the past 30 years The Drive has supported Deptford Mission Church a charity caring for elderly/disabled people, and adults with learning difficulties. In the wider world, we give extensive support to Future Pillars which runs a programme of feeding, education and life skills training in Zambia. We support many Other Charities from our own resources or by fund-raising efforts.

We are challenged by change! There have been seismic social changes caused by two world wars, the atom bomb, the contraceptive pill, the digital age and increasingly, environmental issues. Methodism’s founder John Wesley, preached and wrote about the importance of simpler lifestyles. The last of the 7 Acts of the Bible is “Continuation”. The Drama of our life with God has not ended. We ourselves are the continuation of the story, and this final act is when we play our part in saving the wonderful world He has created.