At The Drive Methodist Church we understand worship as a two-way communication between God and ourselves. 

John Wesley based his thinking on four different sources: scripture which is primary; then tradition; reason; and experience.

We consider ourselves a “thinking” church.


We worship through singing, praying, and listening to God’s word in readings from the bible, and as interpreted by the preacher in a sermon. Preachers may be ordained ministers or lay preachers who are lay people trained and qualified to lead Sunday worship.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is shared monthly, in both a morning and an evening Sunday service. It is inclusive and open to all. It dramatically reminds us that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is at the core of our faith. Sunday morning services aim to be a whole of life experience pouring into the rest of the week. Sunday evening services are smaller, more informal and sometimes interactive.

A monthly evening Café Service is a popular  format, with worshippers set around small tables with refreshments. This is an informal time together and may include round-table discussions on a topic, a shared bible study or a “Songs of Praise” style of worship. 

MUSIC: The Drive has a choir, an occasional orchestra, a fine organ, a grand piano, and a strong tradition of music as part of worship.