My house shall be called a house of prayer. 
Matthew 21:13


The Prayer Ministry

Prayer is sharing with – talking with – God, as we do in our other relationships.

Urgent prayer requests at any time can be written on the Prayer Board, inviting others to add prayers on the same issue. Very urgent requests  CONTACT  Rev. Dermot Thornberry.

Saturday Prayers: The church is open every Saturday morning 9.30 – 10.30am, giving an opportunity to ‘pop in’ for a few moments, or spend longer either in silent prayer, or sharing thoughts and concerns with a member of the Prayer Team.

After the Sunday Morning Service – two members of the Prayer Team are available to pray with individuals in confidence, about any concerns or thanksgivings they wish to share.

The Order of Service sheet includes a weekly prayer suggestion for 7am or 7pm on Friday.

Prayer for the Day .is accessible on the Website HOME page.

The Prayer Team consists of people on an annual rota, two of whom will be ‘on duty’ in the Saturday morning Prayer Meeting, and/or after the Sunday morning service. They are available to listen to and pray with members of the congregation who wish, in confidence when requested to share a joy or sorrow. Team meetings occur only as necessary.

Drive News has a Pray Without Ceasing page with suggestions for prayer for each day of the month.

World Day of Prayer 1st March 2019: This annual, worldwide ecumenical service (formerly Women’s World Day of Prayer) has been celebrated every year since 1887. Held on a rota basis in churches in Sevenoaks, 2019 it was the turn of The Drive to host. The service was prepared by the women of Slovenia, with the theme “Come everything is ready” from the parable of the Great Banquet (Luke 14:15-24) in which various people declined invitations, so the host sent his servants into the “roads and country lanes” to invite the “poor ….. and lame”. A congregation of more than 80 were moved by the meditative nature of the worship and by our warm welcome. The 2020 service is on Friday 6th March at St Thomas’ RC Church, prepared by the women of Zimbabwe on the theme “Rise! Take your mat and walk”.